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''Type'': Large Piloted<br />
''Type'': Large Piloted<br />
''Movement'': Hover<br />
''Movement'': Hover<br />
''Max. Speed'': 1.8/0<br />
''Max. Speed'': 1.9/0<br />
''Health'': 500<br />
''Health'': 500<br />
''Armor'': [[Novus]] Vehicle Light<br />
''Armor'': [[Novus]] Vehicle Heavy<br />
''Sight'': 270<br />
''Sight'': 270<br />
''Crush Defense'': 35<br />
''Crush Defense'': 35<br />
''Crush Power'': 6<br />
''Crush Power'': 21<br />
''Flow-capable'': No (before research)<br />
''Flow-capable'': No (before research)<br />
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**** [[Command Core]]<br />
**** [[Command Core]]<br />
''Cost'': 900<br />
''Cost'': 800<br />
''Time'': 0:28<br />
''Time'': 0:26<br />
''Pop'': 4<br />
''Pop'': 4<br />

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The Amplifier is a Novus siege vehicle. Its sonic resonator attacks ground and gains power the longer it focuses on a target, going through three stages. The stage advances after 3 seconds and again 6 seconds after that. It also prevents the target from activating special abilities or firing. This attack is strong against structures and Masari Dark Matter Armor but weak against heroes and abysmal against infantry. Its harmonic pulse deals high point blank area of effect damage and knocks back infantry, although the Amplifier cannot move while using it. This attack is strong against infantry, structures, and heroes, but weak against vehicles.


Type: Large Piloted
Movement: Hover
Max. Speed: 1.9/0
Health: 500
Armor: Novus Vehicle Heavy
Sight: 270
Crush Defense: 35
Crush Power: 21
Flow-capable: No (before research)


Type: Sonic Resonance
Range: 0-280
Damage: 10/30/50 per second

Type: Harmonic Pulse
Radius: 175
Damage: 28 (75 against structures)
Recharge: 2.3 seconds
DPS: 12.2 (32.6)


Method: Built by Vehicle Assembly Plant

Wave Processor upgrade to Vehicle Assembly Plant

Cost: 800

Time: 0:26

Pop: 4

Special Abilities

Harmonic Pulse/Sonic Resonator

Effect: Toggles between attack modes

Cooldown: 0:06


Advanced Flow

Effect: Can use flow network when ordered

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Cascade Resonance

Effect: The sonic resonator attacks up to 5 objects within 150 units of the target provided they are the same type of object

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 4

Nanite Purification

Effect: Harmful status effects are lost when the flow network is used

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Nanite Refinement

Effect: Price reduced by 25%

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 4

Rapid Flow

Effect: Flow speed increased by 50%

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 1

Unit Quotes

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Amplifier active.
- Frequency is clear.
- The signal is strong.
- Modulating.
- I avoid silence.
- Initiating sonic attack.
- Broadcasting pain.
- Volume hurts.
- Frequency overload!
- Sonic shock.
- Resonating . . .
- Jamming their frequency.
- Amplifying wavelength.
- Volume overload!
- Shattering the silence.
- Improving reception.
- Changing channels.
- Crossing the spectrum.
- Monitoring the airwaves.
- Adjusting waveform.
- Riding the subcurrent.
- Clear of static.
- Improving reception.
- Spinning the dial.
- I'm built for harmonics, not speed.
- Harmonic pulse commencing.
- Projecting harmonic attack.

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