Universe At War
Antimatter Tank
Type:Light Hover Tank, Rapid Assault Unit, Main Battle Tank
Armor:Novus Vehicle Heavy
Movement Type:Hover
Sight Range:200
Produced From:Vehicle Assembly Plant
Special Ability:Vent Core, Flow (research locked)
Weapon:Antimatter Cannon (1 shot per burst)
Damage:Antimatter Cannon: 10 (multiple shots cause chain reactions that increase damage), Vent Core pellets: 35
Upgrades:Advanced Flow (Flow 3), Nanite Purification (Flow 3), Rapid Flow (Flow 1), Nanite Refinement (Nanotech 4),

"Antimatter Tank reporting."

- Typical AM Tank response

The Antimatter Tank is a light main battle tank used by Novus.


The Antimatter Tank is basically a large antimatter reactor mounted on a mobile, hovering platform. The Tank's turret holds a small pellet of antimatter encased in a containment field that, once fired, will slowly decay and cause the antimatter to detonate. The Antimatter Tank is also able to "vent" it's antimatter core, sending pellets of antimatter in a wide arch around the vehicle and creating a massive explosion once the containment spheres fade.


Antimatter Tanks are part of the force teleported in with Mirabel and help take down an assaulting Hierarchy Habitat Walker during the first Novus mission. Later, they are made available to help defend the Home portal against an incoming Assembly Walker and from that point on they provide the bulk of Novus' vehicle forces. Of note, on the second Hierarchy mission to deal with "the primitives' Radiation Weapons" (nukes), Novus had, apparently, provided some of these Tanks to humans, since several units are seen with military green markings rather then the traditional Novus gray/cyan.

Tactical Application[]

The Antimatter tank is the least expensive of all main battle tank units, is extremely mobile, and is able to be rapidly produced. In addition, the Antimatter Tank is available long before the Hierarchy or Masari equivilant vehicles (Phase Tank and Conqueror respectively), allowing Novus to easily overwhelm enemy vehicles by the time they are on the field. Antimatter tanks are also quite flexible, being good for anti-vehicle tasks, defense (especially when paired with Redirection Turrets or Dervish Jets, both of which have Antimatter weapons as well), and especially siege applications against tightly constructed bases with their Vent Core ability. Antimatter Tanks also excel at stripping Dark Matter Armor from Masari units in Dark Mode due to the modifiers antimatter has against it, making them extremely useful in the match-up even in lower numbers.

Antimatter tanks using their Vent Core ability against a Masari base.

However, the Antimatter Tank does have some drawbacks. First, it must be employed en-mass or with similarly armed units as its weapon relies on causing chain reactions in order to do significant damage. Furthermore, Antimatter tanks are rather ineffective against infantry targets, as they lack the ability to crush and their weapon has rather poor modifiers against most infantry armor.


Type: Antimatter Cannon
Range: 0-180
Damage: 10
Shots per burst: 1
Recharge: 1.2 seconds
DPS: 8.3 (before chaining)

Special Abilities[]

Vent Core
Effect: The Tank stops firing for 2.5 seconds to eject 10 antimatter charges in random directions around the vehicle. These charges are stopped by terrain or objects, so they are particularly effective against structures.
Damage: 35
Cooldown: 0:28 (from the end of the attack)


Advanced Flow
Effect: Can use flow network when ordered
Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Nanite Purification
Effect: Harmful status effects are lost when the flow network is used
Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Nanite Refinement
Effect: Price reduced by 25%
Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 4

Rapid Flow
Effect: Flow speed increased by 50%
Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 1

Damage vs. Armor[]

Antimatter Cannon[]

Armor Type Modifier Damage DPS
Base 1.0 10 8.3
Infantry Light 0.8 8 6.6
Infantry Heavy 0.8 8 6.6
Alien Vehicle Light 1.18 11.8 9.8
Novus Vehicle Light 1.18 11.8 9.8
Masari Vehicle Light 1.2 12 10.0
Vehicle Heavy 1.15 11.5 9.5
Masari Vehicle Elite 1.05 10.5 8.7
Aircraft 1.35 13.5 11.2
Structure Turret 1.2 12 10.0
Structure Light 1.2 12 10.0
Alien Structure Heavy 1.7 17 14.1
Novus Structure Heavy 1.7 17 14.1
Masari Structure Heavy 1.75 17.5 14.5
Hero 0.8 8 6.6
Hero Endure 0.5 5 4.2
Reaper 1.25 12.5 10.4
Walker 1.3 13 10.8
Walker Hardpoint 1.3 13 10.8
Walker Hardpoint Armor 1.3 13 10.8
Dark Matter Armor 3.6 36 29.9

Unit Quotes[]

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Antimatter Tank reporting.
- Containment stable.
- Positrons are nominal.
- Systems check.
- Quantum coherence.
- Spinning up.
- Target area confirmed.
- Objective locked in.
- Attack in progress.
- Identifying targets.
- Concentrating fire.
- Target selected.
- Splitting atoms.
- Primed for attack.
- The physics of pain.
- Relocating.
- Input accepted.
- Particles in flux.
- Navigating terrain.
- Perpetual motion.
- Brace yourself.
- Easy does it.
- Warp factor!
- Steer clear.
- Movement order received.