A real life AH-64 Apache

Purpose: Air unit
  • Speed: Fast
  • Armor: Light
  • Unit class: Mechanical
  • Vision: High
  • Targeting: Direct



Apaches fighting the Hierarchy invaders

The Apache is the main air unit of the Humans. It is incredibly effective against infantry, and a group of three to four Apaches is able to take down almost any group of infantry thrown at it. Additionally, Apaches are also effective against other air units and vehicles. They are surprisingly adept at taking down Hierarchy Habitat Walker hardpoints. Unfortunately, few of these Apaches are left as the air forces of the world were decimated by the Hierarchy's flying units, which were superior in number and technology. In the game the Apache is armed only with directed gun (and presumably gun pod). The weapon is effective against any opposing infantry, offer less against armor, and completely helpless against any walker hardpoint.

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