Arrival site

An Arrival Site defended by spitter turrets

General Edit

The Hierarchy's base structure. The Arrival Site produces workers, scouts, and heroes. It must be present for most glyphs to be carved.

-Allows construction of Reaper Drone
-Allows construction of Habitat Walker
-Allows construction of Assembly Walker (requires Reaper Drone)
-Allows construction of Detection Drone (requires Reaper Drone)
-Allows construction of Science Walker (requires Detection Drone)
-Allows construction of Matter Conduit (requires Science Walker)


Type: Large Stationary
Health: 3,800
Armor: Alien Structure Heavy
Sight: 300
Crush Defense: 90

Production Edit

Method: Built by Glyph Carver; the Hierarchy begins each multiplayer game with an Arrival Site

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 2,500

Time: 1:15

Limit: 5

Units Produced Edit

Glyph Carver
Monolith (requires Reaper Drone)
Nufai (requires Mutagen Branch Suite 2)
Kamal Re'x (requires Quantum Branch Suite 2)
Orlok the Eternal (requires Assault Branch Suite 2)


Fast Ordering

Effect: Glyphs carve 25% faster

Method: Research Quantum Branch Suite 2


  • Building a second Arrival Site somewhere else on a map allows you to keep carving glyphs even after your opponent thinks he's crippled you. It also provides a convenient safe place to put your Matter Conduit.


  • The glyph for the Arrival site looks like the Hierarchy Transport saucer found in the campaign.

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