The Assault tech tree will allows the Hierarchy to focus on siege and assault tactics by enhancing the destructive power of most units and walkers, with a focus on unlocking hardpoints for walkers. At level 2, it grants you access to Orlok.


This will show how you advance down this tech tree by a chart.

Research EffectsEdit

Suite 1 Edit

Hardpoint: Range Enhancer - Allows for the requisition of Range Enhancer Walker hardpoints, and increases the range of all weapons and abilities present on that Walker.
Hardpoint: Arc Turret - Allows for the requisition of Arc Turrets, high-powered anti-aircraft energy weapons available to all Walkers.
Plasma Weapons - Authorizes the issue of Plasma Bombs to Lost Ones and anti-vehicle Plasma Grenades to Grunts. Use against indigenous bovines strictly prohibited!

Cost: 1,000

Time: 00:35

Suite 2 Edit

Call Hero: Orlok the Eternal - Clears Orlok the Eternal, Ground Commander of Hierarchy Resource Operations, to enter the battle. May his strength crush our enemies!
Death from Above - Removes behavior conditioning blocks from Brutes, allowing them to cause damage after a Leap.
Foo Longevity - Increases the duration of Saucer and Repair Chamber orbs by upgrading their cohesive plasma containment fields.

Cost: 1,500

Time: 00:50

Suite 3 Edit

Hardpoint: Mass Driver - The Mass Driver Cannon can now be installed on Assembly Walkers. It fires hyper-accelerated mass canisters, primarily effective against structures.
Hardpoint: Visual Optimizer - Extends the sight range of all the Walkers in the battle. Multiple Visual Optimizers further extend the sight range. Having three of these on a Science Walker will reveal the entire battlefield.

Cost: 2,000

Time: 1:10

Suite 4 Edit

Hardpoint: Beam Cannon - The highly effective Beam Cannon is cleared for outfitting on the Assembly Walker. Firing a sweeping beam of superheated plasma, secondary explosions often follow.
Locomotor Enhancement - Upgrades move-actuator systems on Habitat, Assembly and Science walkers, increasing their basic move rate by 60%.

Cost: 3,000

Time: 1:30

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