Masari Avengers
Type: Organic, Light Infantry, Pilot
Movement Type: Infantry
Armor: Masari Infantry Light
Produced From: Any destroyed Masari vehicle or air unit.

Avengers are the pilots of Masari vehicles who escape from their vehicles destruction to continue the fight.


Being a Masari, the Avenger appears as a slightly taller than the average human with glowing eyes and a shaven head. Normally, Avengers pilot vehicles but if their craft is destroyed they are released into the battlefield to continue fighting. Avengers are armed with a simple pistol-like weapon that can be used against aircraft and infantry to some extent, but it is too weak to provide protection from the likes of Grunts or Ohm Robots

Campaign Edit

Naturally, Avengers first appear in the Hierarchy campaign during Orlok's infiltration of the Masari's city-ship Atlantia. The Avengers are released from destroyed Conquerors to continue the fight, but thanks to the presence of Defilers they where most likely mutated or killed.

Several Avengers also meet their end at the hands of an army of Mutant Slaves while protecting various bridge during a mission to capture the Masari Queen.

Tactical Application Edit

Avengers have few uses, since their weapon is rather weak and they are only created from destroyed vehicles. However, they are able to fire upon air units, so in theory they could be used to help Disciples shoot down the likes of Monoliths.

With Balance Suit 2 researched, Architects are able to rebuild vehicles around the Avenger for free, making it possible to rebuild an army much faster.


Note that the voice changes depending on what vehicle the Avenger spawned from.

  • Do not mince words.
  • Feel my anger!
  • Avenger here.
  • Put me back in the game.
  • I don't like walking.
  • Walking is obsolete.
  • Put me back on the game!
  • This one is for Atlantia!
  • This one is for me!
  • I could use a ride!

Triva Edit

  • The Avenger is somewhat like the U.S.A Pilot from the Command and Conquer Generals series, though the Avenger is capable of having their vehicle rebuilt around them while the U.S.A Pilot simple transfers its experience to an existing vehicle.
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