The Balanced tech tree gives the Masari powers that help both Light and Dark modes. Its offers things such as Cloaking, Stealth Detection, Regenerative bonuses and better resource accumulation.


This will show how you advance down this tech tree by a chart.

Research EffectsEdit

Suite1 Edit

Stationary Revelation - The sight range of all structures is increased by 25%.
Methods of Deception - The Sentry no longer appears on enemy radar screens, and the Seer cannot be attacked autonomously by enemies.

Cost - 100, Time - 00:35

Suite2 Edit

Call Hero: Prince Zessus - His Royal Highness Prince Zessus eagerly awaits the chance to join the battle, securing yet another victory for the Masari.
Reconstruction - Allows the Architect to repair an Avenger, reconstructing the vehicle the Avenger once piloted.
Stasis - Unlocks the Inquisitor's Destabilize ability. When used on enemy or allied units, it renders the target immobile, untouchable and clears all status effects.

Cost - 150, Time - 00:50

Suite 3 Edit

Unregulated Conversion - Matter Engines now actively separate matter instead of just gathering ambient energy. This damages enemies around the Engine and converts that damage to usable energy.
Cleansing Energy - Switching between Light Energy and Dark Energy modes now cleanses all harmful effects from all Masari units.

Cost - 200, Time - 1:10

Suite 4 Edit

Energy Stream - Matter Engines gain a 50% boost to their collection rate as a strong balance between the opposing energy types is reached.
Shadowed Perception - The Seer now cloaks all units and structures within a radius around her, and cloaks herself whenever she Sight Links with a target.

Cost - 300, Time - 1:30

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