• Reversalmushroom

    I'm playing the 360 version. Yes, I know you double tap A on a unit to select all of it, and this used to work for recycling centers. For the longest time, I didn't have internet, but then I got it, and it asked if I wanted to download patches for Universe At War. I did, and now, hitting A twice on a recycling center doesn't highlight all of them anymore; it still works for all other buildings and units. So now, if I want to tell all my collector drones to either go somewhere or stop going somewhere, I have to do it with each recycling center 1 at a time, which is extremely tedious. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there still a way for me to select them all simultaneously?

    EDIT: Ooooh, I get it, they changed it so now you have to press…

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  • GnomishLich

    As a Hierarchy Player, I feel the Tactical and Strategic implications of the Habitat Walker are lost and ignored behind the units, weapons, and durability of the "new" Assembly Walker. While i will admit that the vehicles and weapons on the Assembly walker are a necessary part of the Hierarchy arsenal, I believe that Habitat walker fulfills a vital tactical role as well, a necessary tool for any victory.

    As time allows i will cover my own opinions and strategies involving my much used and abused Habitat Walker

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