General Edit

This is the base structure for Novus. It is also enables radar and acts as a Flow Conduit.

Production Edit

Method: Built by Constructor

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 2,400

Time: 1:05

Limit: 5

Units Produced Edit



The Founder

Mirabel and Viktor

Upgrades Edit

Matter Conversion - Sells for 100% of cost. Gained from Nanotech Branch Suite 3.

Nanite Refinement - Unit prices reduced by 25%. Gained from Nanotech Branch Suite 4.


  • Sometimes when it is destroyed, arm-like projections appear on the nodes along the main radar disc. (rotating piece in center.) no one is sure why it happens, some players believe it is from the original coding/beta, and the writers never deleted it from the code. It may disapear with newer patches.
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