The Novus computing tech tree improves the power of their viruses and makes them spread more quickly and allows you to shut down infected enemy units


This will show how you advance down this tech tree by a chart.

Research EffectsEdit

Suite 1 Edit

Rapid Patching - Patch system global cooldown timer is reduced by 30%.
Viral Contagion - The Novus Electronic Virus can now spread itself to other nearby enemy units and structures.

Cost - 1,000

Time - 00:35

Suite 2 Edit

Call Hero: Vertigo - Vertigo can now utilize its abilities to add a statistical advantage for a favorable outcome.
Patch: Viral Reboot - Every enemy unit and structure infected with a virus is forced to shut down completely for the duration of the patch.
Patch: Reboot - Removes all negative effects from all Novus units and structures. During Reboot phase all units and structures are inactive.

Cost - 1,500

Time - 00:50

Suite 3 Edit

Improved Manipulation - Hackers gain Multitasking, allowing them to Lockdown multiple targets. Field Inverter shields upgraded to redirect incoming projectiles.
Patch: Viral Cascade - All enemy units within a Novus flow transmission radius are instantly virally infected.

Cost - 2,000

Time - 1:10

Suite 4 Edit

Viral Magnetics - Upgrades EM Destabilizer super weapon to instantly virally infect enemy units and structures when used for attack.

Cost - 3,000

Time - 1:30

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