Novus infector

Novus Corruptor/Injector


Corrupter is the basic aircraft and intelligence unit for Novus. It is the primary method Novus uses to spread viruses and is itself immune to them. It is able to see through stealth. The Corrupter also has a cutting laser that attacks ground and air. Its laser is particularly good against infantry, light vehicles, and Masari Dark Matter Armor, but bad against Walkers.


Type: Medium Piloted Flying
Movement: Flying
Max. Speed: 2.2
Health: 200
Armor: Novus Aircraft
Sight: 250
Crush Defense: 30
Crush Power: N/A
Flow-capable: No (before research)


Type: Laser
Min. Range: 50
Max. Range: 125
Damage: 0.78
Sweep Duration: 1.0 seconds
Recharge: 0.40 seconds


Method: Built by Aircraft Assembly Plant

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 500

Time: 0:20

Pop: 2

Special AbilitiesEdit


Effect: Infects a single inorganic unit or structure with a virus

Cooldown: 0:30


Advanced Flow

Effect: Can use flow network when ordered

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Nanite Purification

Effect: Harmful status effects are lost when the flow network is used

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Nanite Refinement

Effect: Price reduced by 25%

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 4

Rapid Flow

Effect: Flow speed increased by 50%

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 1

Viral Contagion

Effect: Viruses spread from an infected target to nearby valid targets

Method: Research Computing Branch Suite 1

Damage vs. ArmorEdit


Armor Type Modifier Damage
Base 1.0 0.78
Infantry Light 1.25 0.98
Infantry Heavy 1.25 0.98
Vehicle Light 1.25 0.98
Aircraft 1.1 0.86
Hero Endure 0.75 0.59
Walker 0.75 0.59
Walker Hardpoint 0.75 0.59
Walker Hardpoint Armor 0.65 0.51
Dark Matter Armor 1.5 1.17
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