Detection Drone
Detection Drone Tripod
Affiliation:The Hierarchy
Type:Support unit, Light walker
Armor: Alien Structure Light
Movement Type: Walker
Speed: 1.0
Sight Range: 300
Cost: 1400RM
Time: 0:44
Popcap: 3 (build cap of 5)
Produced From: Glyph Carver (requires Arrival Site and Reaper Drone)
Special Ability: Activate Radar Map, Pulse Scan, Enable Visual Optimizer reveal map.
Weapon: N/A (Unarmed)
Damage: N/A (Unarmed)
Upgrades: Mental Frequency (Quantom 1), Fast Ordering (Quantom 2), Gamma Radiation (Mutagen-3), Volatile Reactors (Mutagen-1)
"We'll need visability. Summon a Detection Drone as soon as possible."

The Detection Drone is a sensor carrying robot used by the Hierarchy to replace a radar structure.


Detection Drones enable radar and have a scan pulse ability that dispels the fog of war in the targeted area and cleanses effects from units such as viruses or Phase. They are unarmed, but can trample some enemy infantry units.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Scan Pulse
Effects: In the target area, it:
-Lifts fog of war
-Reveals cloaked units and structures
-Dispels some harmful status effects
-Removes phase effect Cooldown: 0:25 (from scan)
Special: Has an effect visible to both allied and enemy players and releases an alert that it was used.


Fast Ordering
Effect: Glyphs carve 25% faster
Method: Research Quantum Branch Suite 2

Mental Frequency
Effect: Scan Pulse now clears mind control from friendly units
Method: Research Quantum Branch Suite 1

Volatile Reactors
Effect: Creates radioactive cloud when destroyed
Method: Research Mutagen Branch Suite 1

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