Field inverter

Novus Field Inverter


The Field Inverter is a slow, powerful assault vehicle with a rail gun that attacks ground and air. It is strong against infantry, heroes, and especially vehicles, but weak against Walker hardpoints. It is also able to generate a shield protecting friendly units and structures from attack. The Inverter suffers a small portion of the damage that strikes the shield. While in shield mode, the Inverter's movement speed and sight range are reduced.


Type: Large Piloted
Movement: Walker
Max. Speed: 1.4/0.9
Health: 600
Armor: Novus Vehicle Heavy
Sight: 240/180
Crush Defense: 40
Crush Power: 25
Flow-capable: No (before research)


Type: Railgun
Range: 0-275
Damage: 40
Shots per burst: 1
Recharge: 2.0 seconds
DPS: 20


Method: Built by Vehicle Assembly Plant

Inversion Processor upgrade to the Vehicle Assembly Plant

Cost: 1,000

Time: 0:28

Pop: 4

Special Abilities

Railgun Mode/Shield Mode

Effect: Toggles between having the unit use its railgun or its shield

Cooldown: 0:10


Advanced Flow

Effect: Can use flow network when ordered

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Improved Manipulation

Effect: The shield redirects enemy projectiles

Method: Research Computing Branch Suite 3

Nanite Purification

Effect: Harmful status effects are lost when the flow network is used

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Nanite Refinement

Effect: Price reduced by 25%

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 4

Rapid Flow

Effect: Flow speed increased by 50%

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 1

Stealth Upgrades

Effect: The shield cloaks units beneath it other than the Field Inverter

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 2

Damage vs. Armor


Armor Type Modifier Damage DPS
Base 1.0 40 20
Infantry Light 1.15 46 23
Infantry Heavy 1.15 46 23
Alien Vehicle Light 1.4 56 28
Novus Vehicle Light 1.4 56 28
Masari Vehicle Light 1.48 59.2 29.6
Alien Vehicle Heavy 1.42 56.8 28.4
Novus Vehicle Heavy 1.45 58 29
Masari Vehicle Heavy 1.45 58 29
Masari Vehicle Elite 1.46 58.4 29.2
Hero 1.2 48 24
Hero Endure 0.85 34 17
Reaper 1.4 56 28
Walker Hardpoint 0.85 34 17
Walker Hardpoint Armor 0.75 30 15


-It takes approximately 3 seconds to extend the shield fully and 2 seconds to reactivate the railgun.
-A Field Inverter cloaks other Field Inverters in shield mode which are under its shield. However, 1 Inverter remains uncloaked.

Unit Quotes

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Field Inverter responding.
- Awaiting input.
- Polarity in balance.
- Magnetic field stable.
- Ready to process.
- Attack routine initiated.
- Enemy confirmed.
- Projectile bombardment.
- Locking target area.
- Purging the threat.
- Damage is assured.
- Boosting radiation.
- Targeting.
- Revoking their existence.
- Focusing on target.
- Processing directive.
- Moving.
- Deploying.
- Transport order received.
- Approach vector approved.
- Rapid response.
- With expedience.
- Increasing computation.
- Overclocking engines.
- Augmenting propulsion.
- Switching modes.

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