Glyph Carver

A Hierarchy Glyph Carver.

The Glyph Carver is the Hierarchy's primary 'builder' unit.

General Edit

Glyph Carver-1

A Glyph Carver with a Habitat Walker glyph (right) and Reaper Drone Glyph (left, being cut)

The Glyph Carver is a smaller hexapod unit equipped with a powerful cutting laser for etching glyphs (crop circles) into the ground. These Glyphs are then scanned by orbiting supply ships to determine what is needed on the ground below and then the object is either dropped (as per a Walker or Reaper/Detection Drone) or teleported in (as per turrets and structures).

Tactical ApplicationEdit

For a walker, drone, or structure brought in by glyphs, half of its construction time consists of the Carver creating the glyph (which may be instantly destroyed by any attack) and the other half consists of "scanning" the glyph, which is represented by the glyph gaining health. It is interesting to note that Walker glyphs may be carved just about anywhere, even underwater, since the object being called down is able to move over just about any terrain.


Type: Small
Movement: Walker
Max. Speed: 1.0
Health: 270
Armor: Alien Infantry Light
Sight: 125
Crush Defense: 20
Crush Power: 6

Production Edit

Method: Built by Arrival Site

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 700

Time: 00:22

Pop: 2

Can Produce Edit

Arrival Site

Reaper Drone (requires Arrival Site)

Habitat Walker (requires Arrival Site)

Assembly Walker (requires Arrival Site and Reaper Drone)

Detection Drone (requires Arrival Site and Reaper Drone)

Science Walker (Requires Arrival Site and Detection Drone)

Spitter Turret (Requires Habitat Walker, Assembly Walker, or Detection Drone)

Gravitic Turret (Requires Habitat Walker, Assembly Walker, or Detection Drone)

Matter Conduit (Requires Arrival Site and Science walker)

Upgrades Edit

Fast Ordering

Effect: Glyphs carve 25% faster

Method: Research Quantum Branch Suite 2

Volatile Reactors

Effect: Creates radioactive cloud when destroyed

Method: Research Mutagen Branch Suite 1


  • Unlike the Masari Architect or Novus Constructor, Glyph Carvers only perform one task, cutting glyphs. Thus it is not suggested one waste valuable popcap on too many spare Glyph Carvers that will only take up space if you are not actively carving.
  • Glyph Carvers are not only the most expensive "builder" unit in the game (700 RM) but is also the most valuable when destroyed (300 RM).
  • Glyph Carvers are the only builder unit that is unable to repair other units, leaving that job to the Defiler and Saucer, for infantry and vehicles respectively.
  • There is a "Alien Glyph Carver" in the coding of the game. it is not seen in the game.
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