The Gravitic Turret is the anti-air turret for the Hierarchy. It focuses gravity into a long beam/laser and holds aircraft in place while slowly crushing them. The Gravitic turret is extremely good at what it does and has some competition with the Novus Redirection Turret as the best anti-air turret in the game. The Gravitic Turret can also be upgraded into the Manipulative turret which does everything the Gravitic one can except the Manipulative turret lowers aircraft to the ground so all ground units can deal damage to it. This makes the Gravitic turret even more effective.

Tactical ApplicationEdit

Because enemy aircraft tend to fly right over your spitter turrets, you should have the gravatic turret either right behind the spitter turrets, in front of your arrival sight, or both. If your looking to intimidate an enemy into using a ground attack in multiplayer mode you should build at least 5 gravatic turrets behind your spitter turrets and three in front of your arrival site. Upgrading them will further discourage the enemy. Gravitic turrets are extremely feared with the manipulator turret upgrade which brings enemy aircraft to the ground for spitter turrets and ground units to attack them.


Method: Built by Glyph Carver

Prerequisites: Habitat Walker, Assembly Walker, or Detection Drone

Cost: 300

Time: 0:25

Limit: 25


Fast Ordering

Effect: Glyphs carve 25% faster

Method: Research Quantum Branch Suite 2

Manipulator Turret

Effect: Forces targeted aircraft to land, allowing anti-ground attacks to strike them

Method: Direct upgrade to Gravitic Turret

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 400

Time: 0:15


  • General Randal Moore at first thought that it was some kind of magnetic technology.
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