The gravity bomb is a Novus super weapon. It can be fired anywhere on the map after a Black Hole Generator has been built and the bomb has sufficiently charged. Once launched, it sucks in everything--organic matter and nonorganic, friendly or enemy--and recycles it into resources for the Novus.


To build the Black Hole Generator, you need a Science Center with the Singularity Compresser upgrade.


  • Try to plant the Gravity Bomb in the center of an enemy base or large enemy formation for best performance.
  • A Masari base will withstand a Gravity Bomb attack whether in Light or Dark mode; therefore, have a large force standing by before launching the superweapon.
  • It is advisable to keep a heavy guard on your Black Hole Generator.
  • If the Gravity Bomb is almost charged, send in Antimatter Tanks and Mirabel and Viktor to soften up the intended target and have Vertigo nearby so when you launch the Gravity Bomb, He can Upload Mirabel and Viktor and fly away
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