Mid novus hacker

Novus Hacker


The Hacker is a support unit for Novus. It is insignificant, meaning enemy units and turrets will not attack it autonomously. It cannot attack. Instead, it can lockdown an enemy unit to prevent it from moving or take control of an enemy turret (range 0-175). It is immune to mind control and Amplifier ability lockdown.


Type: Small
Movement: Infantry
Max. Speed: 1.4
Health: 240
Armor: Novus Infantry Heavy
Sight: 200
Crush Defense: 10
Crush Power: 4
Flow-capable: Yes

Production Edit

Method: Built by Robotic Assembly Plant


Cost: 600

Time: 0:16

Pop: 2

Special AbilitiesEdit

Purge Systems

Effects: Emits a pulse that:
-Cleanses friendly objects of mind control and virus infections
-Strips enemy objects of cloaking, mirages, and phasing

Radius: 85

Cooldown: 0:18

Viral Bomb

Effect: Damages target infected enemy and nearby enemies and cleanses them of the virus. If targeted on the main part of a Hierarchy walker any hardpoints that are infected will be damaged and cleansed also.

Range: 180

Splash Radius: 100

Damage: 220

Splash Damage: 200

Cooldown: 0:28

Special: Target must be infected by a virus


Improved Manipulation

Effect: Lockdown affects multiple targets

Radius: 65

Method: Research Computing Branch Suite 3

Nanite Purification

Effect: Harmful status effects are lost when the flow network is used

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3

Nanite Refinement

Effect: Price reduced by 25%

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 4

Rapid Flow

Effect: Flow speed increased by 50%

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 1

Damage vs. ArmorEdit

Viral BombEdit

Armor Type Modifier Damage
Base 1.0 220
Vehicle Light 1.2 264
Vehicle Heavy 1.2 264
Aircraft 1.2 264
Structure Light 0.85 187
Alien Structure Heavy 1.25 270
Novus Structure Heavy 1.2 264
Masari Structure Heavy 1.2 264
Hero Endure 0.7 154
Reaper 1.3 286
Walker 1.4 308
Walker Hardpoint 1.35 297
Walker Hardpoint Armor 1.3 286

Unit QuotesEdit

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- No system is safe. (Also said by hackers in Command and Conquer: Generals)
- Would you like to play a game? (Possibly taken from the movie War Games)
- I can hack it.
- I'm the ghost in their machine. (Reference to the novel, I-Robot)
- It's all just ones and zeros.
- Their password is mine.
- Protocol links established.
- I'm onto them.
- Try to trace this.
- Crunching their code.
- Crushing their system.
- I'll break them down.
- Bypassing security.
- Always change your password.
- Logging them out.
- Be there in a click.
- Rudimentary.
- It's a binary response.
- I was in the middle of something . . .
- Is there a socket there?
- Physical movement is overrated.
- You're restricting my bandwidth.
- Instructions received.
- Of course.
- Proceeding to target zone.
- Logic bombs away.
- Infecting host.
- They didn't update their definitions.
- Detonating virus.


  • Some animations that were not used in the game suggest that it was going to have a gun or it might be a modified human soldier and that they never took out that animation though it is rarerly seen in-game.

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