Resources, The most needed thing in universe at war. (Especially for the heirarchy) resources are need for E V E R Y T H I N G ! But when you go to skirmish battles and make there be no enemy, this is refered to be called "Harvesting Missions". These are great for testing things (no research needed with defcon). It is also good for testing a walker's main armor (like when i used the cascade reactor against an assembly walker it had no hardpoints left but was still alive) is good for knowing how long you walkers will live. As we all now know a habit walker with one main-hardpoint that was left unarmored against a cascade reactor will be insta-killed, considering it a weak walker. Harvesting missions can only be started in skirmish battles with enemies disabled. It also lets you test out how many resources you can get until there are none left to harvest. This info will be hoped to be usefull

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