Heroes by class.

Assault Heroes Edit

The Assault class of heroes is categorized as having more armor and the more powerful weapons, but being slower and more expensive then the other 2 classes. Assault Heroes are best used to lead an assault on the enemy base, preferably being supported by other heavy units.

Support Heroes Edit

The Support class of heroes is often the most complicated, as they are not as fast or stealthy as the Stealth class or as hearty and damaging as the Assault class. These heroes are best used as defensive weapons, as most of their weapons are area of effect and terrible against structures. Best when paired with a strong system of turrets and units that can heal them.

Stealth Heroes Edit

The Stealth class of heroes is the fastest but least armored of the heroes. While they are best used for hit and run strategies, they are capable of considerable damage if used tactically. Stealth Heroes are best either alone or with a distraction to allow them to flank.


Heroes by faction.

Novus HeroesEdit

The Novus Heroes, like their entire faction, are the least armored but fastest of the heroes. While they lack armor, their attack power often rivals and even overpowers that of rival heroes.

Hierarchy HeroesEdit

Hierarchy Heroes are the most defensive of the Heroes, as they are meant to supplement the Walkers. They all have a devastating Area-Of-Effect attack that are perfect for damaging or pacifying large groups of enemy units at a time.

Masari HeroesEdit

The Masari Heroes are often considered the least powerful of the Heroes. They are the most tactical and least offensive heroes, with Altea being next to useless alone but devastating when used as support and Zessus being the best transport in the game. Charos meanwhile is one of the most offensive heroes in the entire game, with no ranged attack and extremely attack-oriented powers.

Human HeroesEdit

The Human Heroes are only controlled in the prologue campaign and both could be considered Assault heroes. Moore appears in later missions alongside Mirabel, while Willard is only seen in the tutorial.

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