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''Movement'': Infantry<br />
''Movement'': Infantry<br />
''Max. Speed'': 1.6<br />
''Max. Speed'': 1.6<br />
''Health'': 900<br />
''Health'': 1,000<br />
''Armor'': Alien Hero<br />
''Armor'': Alien Hero<br />
''Sight'': 250<br />
''Sight'': 230<br />
''Crush Defense'': 99<br />
''Crush Defense'': 99<br />
''Crush Power'': 6<br />
''Crush Power'': 6<br />

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Kamal Re'x is the controller of the Earth operation for the Hierarchy. He has eliminated those who have stood in his way during his rise in the ranks of the Hierarchy. He can control psionic energies and the machine worn on his head further amplifies that. He has taken a big risk by ignoring the usual planetary procedures of the Hierarchy in order to lure Novus to Earth. He is ruthless when concerned with increasing his rank within the Hierarchy and as such often argues with Orlok about the cost of victory. Kamal is essentially the main villain of Earth Assault, and is eventually defeated by joint effort by the Novus, Masari and humans. As opposed to killing him, the Masari Queen traps Kamal in his own mind, viewing it as the greatest punishment.


Kamal Re'x the Abductor

Kamal Re'x is the Support hero of the Hierarchy, unlocked by the Quantum Branch. He fires psionic waves at ground targets that damage all ground units in their path and can knock back units. He also knocks back aircraft with psionic blasts. His psionic attacks are strong against infantry, heroes, light vehicles, and Masari Dark Matter Armor.

In the campaigns, Kamal is never used, but he is fought as an enemy at the end of the Hierarchy and Massari campaigns.


Type: Small Organic Hero
Movement: Infantry
Max. Speed: 1.6
Health: 1,000
Armor: Alien Hero
Sight: 230
Crush Defense: 99
Crush Power: 6


Type: Psionic Blast
Range: 0-200
Damage: 40
Splash Damage: 20
Splash Radius: 20
Recharge: 1.5 seconds

Type: Psionic Blast Flying Knockback
Range: 0-200
Damage: 25
Recharge: 1.5 seconds


Method: Built by Arrival Site

Prerequisites: Quantum Branch Suite 2

Cost: 1,600

Time: 0:55

Pop: 8

Special Abilities


Effect: Instantly destroys all units in the target area and produces resources as if they had been harvested

Cooldown: 1:00 (from abduction)

Special: Hero and science, assembly, and habitat walker units cannot be abducted


Effect: Creates a wall for about 20 seconds in the target area through which enemies may not fire or move through but walkers shear height can fire over the force field.

Cooldown: 0:28 (from wall creation)

Unit Quotes

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- I am destined for greatness.
- Bow down.
- I am the Abductor.
- Avert your eyes from your lord.
- You live because I allow it.
- They will bow to me.
- Their world will fall.
- I will leave no survivors.
- Their suffering will be legendary.
- Respect my power.
- That one will bow to my will.
- Death to the disobedient.
- Insignificant pest!
- I have such sights to show you . . .
- Witness my power.
- I will seek them out.
- No more games.
- They cannot hide from me.
- There is no place to hide.
- Where I go, my enemies fall.
- My presence is required.
- They live only for now.
- Pray I don't change my mind.
- I agree to this, for now.
- Amusing at best.
- To the processors with you!
- This is a one-way trip!
- There is no coming back.
- Enjoy the ride!
- Here's something to shoot at.
- Recognize your futility.
- I am unstoppable!
- Nothing will stand in my way.
- One order, one master empire. Succumb to me!
- There is no escape from the Abductor.
- The difference between insanity and genius is success.
- I want you to suffer to your last.
- Fool! You are no longer my equal.
- What is life compared to the glory of my reign?
- Your strategy is amusing at best.
- My genius would cause your mind to implode.
- I consume entire worlds. You are no different.
- Die! Muhahahahaha!
- This battle is causing me damage!
- This plan must change before I suffer further!
- The situation grows intolerable!
- These attacks are taking their toll.
- The end of my reign is at hand.
- I am dying! This cannot be!
- My demise approaches. Do something!

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