The Knowledge Vault is the technology structure of the Masari. It enables new structures, units, and upgrades.

Specifically, a Knowledge Vault
-allows production of Seers
-allows production of Conquerors
-allows production of Oracles
-allows production of Flight Machina
-allows production of Sky Guardians.


Method: Built by Architect
Prerequisites: Matter Engine
Cost: 80
Time: 1:00
Limit: 5


Ancient Knowledge

-Allows production of Figment.
-Allows the Energy Sifter upgrade for the Matter Engine
-Allows the Two-Faced upgrade for the Guardian
-Allows the Energy Screen upgrade for the Sky Guardian
-Allows upgrade for the Oracle

Cost: 200
Time: 1:40

Forbidden Knowledge

-Allows production of Sky Lord
-Allows production of Peacebringer
-Allows second upgrade for the Oracle

Prerequisite: Ancient Knowledge
Cost: 265
Time: 2:20


-The Knowledge Vault tends to be a high priority target for base raiding by the enemy because if a Masari player loses this building, much of their technology is also lost.

-Because of the importance of this structure, experienced Masari players tend to build and upgrade more than one of these structures to avoid losing all their technology if a Knowledge Vault is destroyed.

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