The Light Matter tech tree works best for Masari in Light mode. It will allow flying units to resurrect themselves using the power of the phoenix, improve ranged firepower, and upgrade vehicles. It is considered to be the most "offensive" tech tree for the Masari.


This will show how you advance down this tech tree by a chart.

Research EffectsEdit

Suite 1 Edit

Burning Brilliance - All structures in Light Mode automatically bleed off and reclaim excess Light Matter, burning nearby enemies with brilliant light.
Remote Harm - Grants Burning Sight to the Seer, surrounding her target in a Corona of Light Energy, burning nearby enemy units and structures.

Cost - 100, Time - 00:35

Suite 2 Edit

Call Hero: Lord Charos - Makes ready Lord Charos, Grand High Marshal of the Masari military forces, and prepares his arrival to the battlefield!
Burning Fury - Enables the Energy Vortex ability of the Conqueror, allowing it to transform into a whirling mass of Light Energy.
Immolation - Matter Engines can now intentionally self-destruct. Once the Detonation is ordered, an unstoppable chain reaction rips apart the engine and everything around it.

Cost - 150, Time - 00:50

Suite 3 Edit

Molecular Instability - The Peacebringer's Tractor Beam can now not only hold matter in place, but can also tear it apart at a molecular level using a powerful disintegration beam.
Phoenix - Enhances matter cohesion bonding of air unit battle frames in Light Mode, creating a chance that Inquisitors and Sky Lords may reform shortly after an apparent destruction.

Cost - 200, Time - 1:10

Suite 4 Edit

Piercing Gaze - The unavoidable gaze of the Oracle adds a powerful beam attack, burning the enemies who try to hide from it.
Burst Threshold - With greater control over Light Energy, the Burning Wrath Superweapn duration increases by 100%.

Cost - 300, Time - 1:30

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