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The Purifier is a gargantuan walker and a weapon of incredible mass destruction belonging to the Hierarchy. It is only able to be built in a global scenario game and can only be used in tactical combat if an enemy invades the territory it is in... Read more

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  • "May the odds favor our victory."

-The Founder before entering the portal to Earth after completing the Xbox 360 tutorial.

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Did you know?

  • ...that Nufai betrayed his race to gain a place in the Hierarchy's ranks?
  • ..that the Novus Ohm Robot is fully aware of its role as cannon fodder and sees no problem with that role?
  • ...that Commander Orlok had his consciousness burned into an armored battle platform by the Overseers, eventually earning him the title of The Eternal?
  • ...that Prince Zessus is half Masari and half human?
  • ...that the Hierarchy's walkers are based on the capital ships from Petroglyph's previous game, Star Wars Empire at War?
  • ...that Mirabel is a clone?
  • ...that originally Nufai was intended to have flight capability?
  • ...that Novus is the youngest of all races?
  • ...that the human race is going to be a full faction but it was scrapped in the final version?

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