A Manipulator

The Hierarchy Manipulator is a non-buildable unit seen only on the sixth Novus Mission.


Manipulators appear as larger versions of Lost Ones with enlarged craniums and elongated limbs. Cut animations and snippets of code suggest they where originally going to have various psychic abilities somewhat like Kamal Re'x, but the one seen in the game is unarmed.


Manipulator ship

The Manipulator seen aboard the command ship.

The Manipulator only appears once as a unit during Mirable's infiltration of a Hierarchy command ship. The alien can be found at the center of the ship guarding a communication terminal and will walk up to hostile units but cannot attack.

In the Hierarchy Campaign, the Manipulator appears in the form of the Hierarchy Com-officer. His first apperance is during an assault on Egypt, overseeing Grunt reinforcements for Orlok. Later, the officer oversees an operation to capture the Masari queen, where he suggested using the pair of Defilers provided to enslave the locals for dealing with the Masari resistance. The officer also sent for Brute reinforcements to deal with turrets that where placed atop a cliff. During the rebellion, the officer sided with Orlok and continued to provide his services. His ultimate fate is unknown.


  • The remains of the Manipulator's coding provide information on two abilities: Burdon and Beckon. The Beckon ability shares the same name as the the Gravitic Turret's upgraded anti-air weapon, suggesting that it may have had a similar function. In addition, two special attack animations in the game's files show the Manipulator with either one or both hands raised and enshrouded with a black cloud similar to that formed around a Gravitic Turret's target.
  • Manipulators can be placed in fan-made maps as map decoration in the same manner as human civilians. They can be found under the "Props_Specific" tab.
  • When selected, Manipulators produce the same sounds as Grunts, but given that they are never meant to be used by the player it is likely a placeholder.
Mutant Manipulator

The mutant Manipulator model.

  • The Manipulator has two models: AI_Manipulator.ALO and AI_Manipulator_V2.ALO. The second model appears heavily mutated with tentacles around its mouth, large growths on its back, bulging veins, and dark blueish-black skin. The second model has no animations and will statically sit in its pre-rendered pose if placed ingame.
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