General Edit

The Matter Controller activates the superweapons of the Masari. Each mode has its own superweapon. Changing modes resets the superweapon timer. Its timers, however, take less time than the superweapons of the Hierarchy and Novus.

Light Mode Edit

Uses Burning Wrath, creating a burning pillar of light energy that damages enemy units and structures. Its damage lies in its ability to be moved around freely. Researching Burst Threshold increases it's may also direct the burning pillar by selecting it although you may not see the green circle around it.

Dark Mode Edit

Uses Matter Storm, creating a large area where enemy units are immobilized and damaged while friendly units have their Dark Matter Armor regenerated, or in the case of allied units, giving them temporary Dark Matter shields. Researching Dark Embrace increases its duration and allows it to heal Masari units.

Production Edit

Method: Built by Architect

Prerequisite: Knowledge Vault with Forbidden Knowledge

Knowledge Vault with Ancient Knowledge
Knowledge Vault
Matter Engine

Cost: 450

Time: 2:50

Limit: 1

Upgrades Edit

Advanced Dark Matter Armor - Dark Matter Armor is available. Gained from Dark Matter Branch Suite 1.

Burst Threshold - Duration of Burning Wrath increases by 100%. Gained from Light Matter Branch Suite 4.

Burning Brilliance - Damages nearby enemy units in Light Mode. Gained from Light Matter Branch Suite 1.

Dark Embrace - Matter Storm has 100% longer duration and heals Masari units within its area of effect. Gained from Dark Matter Branch Suite 4.

Dark Matter Affinity - Dark Matter Armor is filled when Dark Mode is entered. Gained from Dark Matter Branch Suite 3.

Dark Matter Mastery - Dark Matter Armor regenerates during combat. Gained from Dark Matter Branch Suite 4.

Stationary Revelation - Sight range is increased by 25%. Gained from Balance Branch Suite 1.


  • The Burning Wrath superweapon is very similar to the American Particle Cannon superweapon from Command and Conquer: Generals and its expansion, Zero Hour. Both superweapons can be moved around freely to increase their effectiveness and recharge quickly.
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