The Maverick Jet Model.

The Maverick Jet is an human aerial unit seen in cutscenes and early screenshots.

General Edit

Ss universeatwar 04

Maverick Jets in action.

Maverick Jets appear to be an aerial superiorty unit armed with multiple missiles. They are never used in the game itself but do appear in the opening cutscene where one crashes into the Washington Monument.

Notes Edit

  • The name of the unit comes from its XML title (Military_Maverick_Jet), it is unknown if this is the intended final name or a placeholder.
  • Maverick Jets can be placed in the map editor, but they lack weapons and as such can only fly about.
  • The Maverick Jet interestingly does appear in some unused cinimatics. In one such animation, a trio of them are shown chasing a Hierarchy transport saucer while launching barrages of rockets at it.
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