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Of the trace genetic material that he recovered from his creator's race, the Founder cloned Mirabel, a young woman that was killed during the Hierarchy's assault on the Novus home world. Constantly placing herself in danger, she has been cloned multiple times since Novus decided to avenge their creators' destruction. With each death and rebirth, the remaining material Novus has dwindles to almost nothing, putting Mirabel in danger of permanent death.

To protect Mirabel, Novus created Viktor, a massive suit of powered armor. He has a protector sentience and a weapons loadout to rival anything Novus can field.

When arriving on earth, Mirabel showed a desire to defend the humans, in a contrast to the Founder and Vertigo, who both place destroying the Hierarchy as their top priority. Mirabel is also the most frequently used Novus hero in the campaign.

Mirabel and Viktor are the Assault hero of Novus, unlocked by the Nanotech Branch. They move slowly over short distances, but activate boosters to move rapidly over longer spans and cross water. Their rifle attacks air and ground. It is strong against infantry, heroes, Walkers, and Masari Dark Matter Armor.


Type: Large Piloted Hero
Movement: WaterWalker
Max. Speed: 1.5/2.4
Health: 1,000
Armor: Novus Hero
Sight: 235
Crush Defense: 99
Crush Power: 21
Flow-capable: No


Type: Flechette Rifle
Range: 0-200
Damage: 8
Shots per burst: 16
Shot Delay: 0.12 seconds
Recharge: 20 seconds
DPS: 33.7


Method: Built by Command Core

Prerequisites: Nanotech Branch Suite 2

Cost: 2,000

Time: 0:55

Pop: 10

Special Abilities

Missile Barrage

Effect: Fires 16 missiles at ground-based enemies in target area

Range: 0-225

Damage: 27

Splash Radius: 30

Cooldown: 0:50

Sniper Attack

Effect: A powerful attack against a single target that can pass through and damage multiple enemy objects in its path

Range: 0-400

Damage: 500

Cooldown: 0:52


-Sniper Attack has an excellent damage modifier against Walker hardpoints, allowing it to destroy most of them instantly.


Unit Quotes

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Systems check.
- Fully functional.
- Submit your orders.
- Two minds are better than one.
- Easy prey.
- A pity this won't last.
- They will pay.
- They never last long enough . . .
- Engaging enemies.
- I will enjoy this.
- Eliminating the threat.
- Deadly force is authorized!
- Targeting now!
- You're not getting away.
- That's a good direction.
- Orders received.
- Events are in motion.
- On our way.
- Breaking formation!
- Working out the kinks . . .
- Already there.
- With all haste!
- Saturation commencing.
- Commencing pod launch.
- There's more where this came from.
- Don't move.
- Zeroing in.
- Dead in my sights.
- This is the way I wanna remember you.
- Igniting boosters!
- Kicking it up a notch!
- Throttle to maximum!
- That didn't look pleasant.
- Gotcha.
- Dead on.
- We'll fight another day.
- Time to leave.
- I hope we learned something from this engagement . . .
- But I was having so much fun.
- Now, now. We'll be back.
- The machines' time has come.
- Causes are only lost when people give up.
- Ashes beget ashes, and dust begets dust.
- Don't be sorry; just improve.
- Don't play dumb with me.
- Oh, come on. No one's really innocent here.
- Are you intimidated yet?
- Sometimes the best man for the job . . . is a woman.
- Go ahead. Take your best shot.
- Translation?
- My systems are losing stability!
- I'm taking some damage.
- They're hitting me pretty hard.
- My shielding is almost gone!
- Life support is about to fail!
- My damage threshold is critical!

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