Mid heirarchy monolith

Hierarchy Monolith

General Edit

The monolith is a Hierarchy scouting unit. It can see through stealth. It flies slowly over short distances, but travels long distances by teleporting. It can teleport to areas under the fog of war. Its sight range is small, but increases in stages when stationary. Visual range increases after 5 seconds, then 7 seconds after that. It fires a constant radiation beam which degrade the functions of its target, slowing unit production by 10% and reducing turret range by half. It can attack ground and air. It is excellent against aircraft, good against infantry, and poor against heavy vehicles and Walkers.


Type: Large Piloted Flying
Movement: Flying
Max. Speed: 0.8
Health: 300
Armor: Alien Aircraft
Sight: 50/230/310
Crush Defense: 40
Crush Power: N/A


Type: Radiation Beam
Min. Range: 50
Max. Range: 125
Damage: 8 per second


Monoliths and Defilers attack a Novus base

== Production ==

Method: Built by Arrival Site

Prerequisites: Reaper Drone

Cost: 750

Time: 00:23

Pop: 2

Upgrades Edit

Phase Self

Effect: Phase for 15 seconds, becoming immune to damage and collision

Cooldown: 0:25 (after phasing ends)

Special: The unit is destroyed if it rematerializes inside another object

Volatile Reactors

Effect: Creates radioactive cloud when destroyed

Method: Research Mutagen Branch Suite 1

Damage vs. ArmorEdit

Radiation BeamEdit

Armor Type Modifier DPS
Base 1.0 8.0
Infantry Light 1.1 8.8
Infantry Heavy 1.1 8.8
Vehicle Light 1.05 8.4
Alien Vehicle Heavy 0.95 7.6
Novus Vehicle Heavy 0.9 7.2
Masari Vehicle Heavy 0.95 7.6
Masari Vehicle Elite 0.85 6.8
Alien Aircraft 2.2 17.6
Novus Aircraft 2.0 16
Masari Aircraft 2.0 16
Alien Structure Turret 0.95 7.6
Novus Structure Turret 0.95 7.6
Masari Structure Turret 1.0 8.0
Alien Structure Light 0.9 7.2
Novus Structure Light 0.9 7.2
Masari Structure Light 1.0 8.0
Alien Structure Heavy 1.0 8.0
Novus Structure Heavy 1.0 8.0
Masari Structure Heavy 1.1 8.8
Hero Endure 0.5 4
Walker Hardpoint 0.8 6.4
Walker Hardpoint Armor 0.75 6

Trivia & TipsEdit

  • It is unknown how it flies or teleports.
  • It has a standby stage after teleporting large distances, leaving it defenseless and stationary.
  • The radiation weapon appears to be launched from inside the monolith.
  • It is a reference to the cigar UFOs. Its name comes from the alien artifact in 2001: Space Oddessy.
  • It is divided in 2 segments: a flat one floating above the body and the large body segment.
  • The team color only affects the flat disk in the upper part of the Monolith.
  • It is the only scout unit that is buildable from the command center (arrival site).
  • Monoliths can wreak havoc on enemy bases in the early game. Use them to harass builder units, slow production, and generally keep your opponent off-guard
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