The Novus Nanocenter is a capturable structure found on some maps.


Novus deploys these compact facilities in low priority areas where a full base is not required. Once captured by a Grunt, Ohm Robot, or Disciple, the Nanocenter will infuse vehicles with Novus's nanite technology allowing self-repairs to take place while not in combat. The structure will also repair structures and mechanical units within its radius.


The Nanocenter appears once in the Novus campaign during Mirabel's assault on the Hierarchy Material Uplink node. The structure is located slightly to the south of the initial Novus base.

Tactical ApplicationEdit

On the few maps that this structure appears on, it proves an excellent asset to have since it can repair units and walkers much faster than builder units or Saucers. The Nanocenter can also repair walker hardpoints and structures built nearby it.

Interestingly, if a Glyph is carved near the Nanocenter, it' health bar will fill to full before the unit is ready to drop.

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