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Nanotech Tech Tree

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The Nanotech tree will augment the industry of the [[Novus]].
The Nanotech tree will augment the defense of the [[Novus]] and give structural reinforcement and even camouflage among other defensive measures.
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==Research Effects==
==Research Effects==
=== Suite 1 ===
This will state what new abilities and bonuses that open up from researching specific item.
: '''Clone Stability''' - Duplicates created by Blade Troopers now extend their operation durations by 60%.
: '''Patch: Backup Systems''' - All Novus units and structures gain an additional 18% health bonus (delivered full) while the patch is active.
Cost - 1,000
Time - 00:35
=== Suite 2 ===
: '''Call Hero: Mirabel''' - [[Mirabel and Viktor]] can now lend their combined skills to defeat the enemies of Novus.
: '''Collection Efficiency:''' Collectors dematerialize raw materials 35% faster.
: '''Patch: Optimized Collection''' - Collectors dematerialize and hold 25% more raw materials while patch is active.
Cost - 1,500
Time - 00:50
=== Suite 3 ===
: '''Matter Conversion''' - All structures now sell for 100% of their original cost when sold (at full health). Normal sell rate is 50%.
: '''Rapid Rebuild''' - Any damaged Novus structure not under attack will repair itself over time. Structures must be powered by flow for this effect to happen.
Cost - 2,000
Time - 1:10
=== Suite 4 ===
: '''Nanite Refinement''' - Build prices for all units reduced by 25%.
: '''Patch: Optimized Assembly''' - All Novus unit production structures increase unit building speed by 200% for the duration of the patch.
Cost - 3,000
Time - 1:30
[[Category:Tech Trees]]
[[Category:Tech Trees]]
[[Category:Novus Tech Trees]]
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