Can infect units or buildings.

Starting a VirusEdit

  • A corruptor special ability.
  • Through Viral Cascade, an ability from the Computing tree that inflicts viruses on enemies that pass near flow conduits.
  • An EMP strike after having obtained the upgrade that inflicts viruses on EMPed units

Virus EffectsEdit

  • Reveals infected units though the fog of war.
  • Slows down movement.
  • Slows down rate of fire
  • Can be used with patches to be shut down.
  • The Hacker's viral bomb causes massive damage on infected units
  • Can be mind-controlled by Vertigo.
  • Can prevent upgrade production to structures with upgrades.

Virus RemovalEdit

  • As Novus
    • Hackers, via Purge Systems
    • Reboot Patch, via 2nd Tech of the Computing Tree
    • Flow Network, via 3rd Tech of the Flow Tree.
  • As Hierarchy
    • Detection Drone or Hierarchy Outpost, via Scan Pulse
  • As Masari
    • Seer, via Seer's Cleansing Aura
    • Queen Altea, via Queen Altea's Healing Aura
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