Nufai is one of the few remaining members of a race conquered long ago. He betrayed his own race and helped the Hierarchy exploit their weaknesses, ensuring himself a place in Hierarchy command. Nufai utilizes dark energies and manipulative technologies from his race's past to help himself on the battlefield.


Nufai is the Stealth hero of the Hierarchy, unlocked by the Mutagen Branch. He attacks ground in melee. He can latch onto an enemy vehicle and drain its health while phased. His claws are strong against infantry, vehicles, heroes, and Masari Dark Matter Armor.


Type: Medium Organic Hero
Movement: Infantry
Max. Speed: 2.1
Health: 750
Armor: Alien Hero
Sight: 220
Crush Defense: 99
Crush Power: 6


Type: Phase Claws
Range: 0-40
Damage: 25
Recharge: 1.1 seconds


Method: Built by Arrival Site

Prerequisites: Mutagen Branch Suite 2

Cost: 1,400

Time: 0:55

Pop: 6

Special Abilities


Effect: For 12 seconds, nearby enemy units attack enemies. the effects only work on ground units

Cooldown: 0:30 (from end of the effect)


Effect: For 10 seconds, nearby enemy aircraft are dragged to the ground and become susceptible to anti-ground attacks

Radius: 180

Cooldown: 0:38 (from end of the effect)

Unit Quotes

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Nufai is the keeper of secrets.
- There are horrors beyond horrors.
- What sin shall Nufai commit?
- Nufai has many names.
- Nufai dines on misery!
- Death will not come quickly.
- More to fuel my desires.
- Time to kill.
- A taste of blood!
- They have no idea.
- This will leave a mark.
- Behold our treachery!
- Stab them in the back.
- Pain is exquisite!
- Make it bleed.
- Are there more victims there?
- Nufai yearns to feed.
- Nufai smells innocence.
- Nufai moves to your will.
- Nufai's hunger grows!
- The urgency is understood.
- Let's leave this place.
- Nufai moves as shadow.
- Muhahahahaha!
- We must be quick.
- Can you separate the real from the unreal?
- Nufai is nightmare.
- Fear those you trust.
- Who can you trust?
- Your purpose denied.
- Down you go.
- You will not get far.
- Come to Nufai.
- I am the death that precedes obliteration.
- When all your life seems to shrink, you will find Nufai!
- Do you yet feel the death fog in thy throat?
- The pain doesn't have to continue. Surrender!
- Do not wait. Give in to the darkness!
- You will beg for death before the end.
- Only now does fear begin its trickle. You are losing.
- Now begins the downward ushering of your soul.
- Even death itself will not shelter you from Nufai.
- Your ruin is our conquest. We feed on your death.
- Nufai bleeds, but does not enjoy it!
- Nufai's wounds are festering!
- Nufai's suffering grows.
- Nufai . . . can feel death coming for him!
- Nufai's mission of pain is threatened!
- It is too soon . . . for Nufai . . . to die!

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