Vertigo: "That can only mean one thing..."
Mirabel: "Radiaton Cascades! We've gotta take out those things now!"
The Founder: "If even one of those walkers reaches us, the Radiation Cascade will almost certainly obliterate us!"

- Vertigo, Mirabel, and The Founder emphasizing the powers of a Radiation Cascade

The Radiation Cascade is a Hierarchy super weapon. It is fired from the Science Walker after building Cascade Reactors on all three crown hardpoints of the walker. Research into Mutagen level 4 is required to build the hardpoints.

It fires in a straight line following a short charge-up when triggered. It is able to level most buildings and leaving residual radiation on the ground. The weapon is accessed as a special ability of the walker with the hardpoints and may be on more than one Science walker. When you activated all the Cascade Reactors on the crown of the walker will start to spray radiation to the core until the radiation is blanketing the central core of the walker at which point the weapon will fire.

However, while easily the most powerful superweapon in the game, it is also the most fragile, as if even one of the hardpoints is destroyed, the weapon will become useless. If facing Radiation Cascades, using air units such as Dervish Jets or Sky Lords is a viable tactic, but be wary of the walker's natural weapons. Overwelming firepower is another method to prevent it from firing.

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