Reaper Drones harvesting Cattle.


Reaper Drone collects resources for the Hierarchy. Almost everything on the map can be collected, inorganic and organic, but different objects yield different amounts of resources. The Drone collects resources automatically when built but may benefit from manual control in order to maximise its potential. Normally it harvests piles to gain 18 resources per second, but some objects (such as cars, humans, and especially cows) may be harvested instantly for a large resource gain. Its harvesting beam can also be used as a weapon against ground.


Method: Built by Glyph Carver

Prerequisites: Arrival Site

Cost: 1,200

Time: 0:32 (0:16 to carve glyph, 0:16 for unit to arrive)

Pop: 3

Limit: 7

Special Abilities

Auto-Gather On/Off

Effect: Toggles between having the Reaper seek out resources on its own or not

Cooldown: None


Volatile Reactors

Effect: Creates radioactive cloud when destroyed

Method: Research Mutagen Branch Suite 1


-Auto-Gather does not always work.
-Reaper Drones do not prioritize instagrabs over standard resource piles. Micromanagement is necessary to maximize resourc gain.

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