To gather metal to create new robots, Novus employs Recycling Centers.

Novus Recycling Center

A recycling center


The Recycling Center is a rectangular structure with a large, dish-shaped impression in the center. The structure produces three flying Collector robots and dispatches them across the map. Each Collector then proceeds to break down scrap metal via Nanite beams and returns to the structure for drop off.

When a Collector returns, it hovers over the impression of the facility and passes through it, ejecting its load of materials for a lumpsum of resources. Like much of Novus structure, it require power that can only supplied by Flow generator, sometimes through the network of flow conduit.


Recycling Centers prove to be a major part of any Novus base, thus appear fairly often in the campaigns. They are first set up by Mirabel in the Middle East to gather resources to allow the production of additional Ohm Robots.

Additionally, Novus had deployed some of these facilities in Egypt, but these where trampled by Orlok the Eternal's forces.

Tactical ApplicationEdit


Collector Drone

Unlike the Hierarchy's mobile Reaper Drones, the Recycling Center can stay safely within a Novus base while dispatching expendable and freely replaced Collectors. This has the advantage of protection, but also means that Collectors must travel back and forth from resource heaps, thus making resource flow slow down slightly by late game. Constructing a connected flow conduit near any resource offer a faster collecting as the collector can automatically travel within the flow network.

Since Collector's are replaced for no charge and reveal the fog of war, they can be used as excellent scouts. To do this, set the structure's waypoint to the area that one wants information on and the Collectors will be dispatched to the area.


Method: Built by Constructor

Flow Generator

Cost: 1,200

Time: 0:25

2 Constructors: 0:22
3 Constructors: 0:18

Limit: 5


Matter Conversion

Effect: Structures sell starting at 100% of price instead of 50%

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 3

Rapid Rebuild

Effect: Powered structures repair damage while not under attack

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 3


  • Remember, Novus is all about redundancy: Don't place five of this structures in the same area, disperse them around the map with Flow Generators
  • If you want to speed up collection, build Flow Conduits to, either, where there's alot of resources, or to the collectors' "favorite" resource location
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