Universe At War



Science Center is a technology building for Novus. It enables new units, upgrades, and structures.

-Allows the application of two patches at once -Allows production of Hacker at Robotic Assembly Plant
-Allows Dervish Assembly upgrade of Aircraft Assembly Plant
-Allows Inversion Processor upgrade of Vehicle Assembly Plant
-Allows Wave Amplifier upgrade of Vehicle Assembly Plant
-Allows construction of Redirection Turret
-Allows construction of EM Destabilizer


Type: Large Stationary
Health: 1,000
Armor: Novus Structure Heavy
Sight: 300
Crush Defense: 60


Method: Built by Constructor

Flow Generator

Recycling Center

Cost: 1,800

Time: 0:55

2 Constructors: 0:46
3 Constructors: 0:38

Limit: 5


Matter Conversion

Effect: Structures sell starting at 100% of price instead of 50%

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 3

Rapid Rebuild

Effect: Powered structures repair damage while not under attack

Method: Research Nanotech Branch Suite 3

Singularity Compressor
Effect: Allows construction of Black Hole Generator

Method: Direct upgrade to Science Center

Prerequisites: None

Cost: 1,400

Time: 0:40