Universe At War

Tactical Dynamics is one of the key features of the upcoming game by Petroglyph Games entitled, Universe at War: Earth Assault. Each race of the three races will have a different tactical dynamic on top of the dynamic research system.

Dynamic Research

Each faction has three research paths with 4 suites each. The 3 paths are separate but each suite in a path requires the previous suite to be completed. Each suite is progressively more expensive but the rewards are greater as well often unlocking special abilities (and hardpoints) on the third and fourth suites. You are allowed to research up to 6 Suites in any branch but if you decide to change paths you can undo any suite by right clicking on it.

Research is granted automatically in Defcon Mode

Mobile Structures and Hardpoint Switching

The Hierarchy creates walkers instead of buildings and the walkers produce most of the units. Each walker has 3 or 4 crown sockets on the upper part of them that give them acess to new abilities and units as well as affecting the weapons. In addition each walker has a hardpoint on each leg that can have utility items that reduce build time or price as well as repair the walker or add more firepower. They can be swapped out at any time but it is advisable not to do this in battle because they are vulnerable when being built in the same way a building under construction is. Some hardpoints are granted at the begining of the game but most are granted through research.


Main article: Patches (Novus)

The Novus adapts their forces by applying patches to their forces. They have 2 slots for patches, one is granted by having at least one Command Core and the other by having at least one Science Center. You start out with 2 basic patches that reduce damage from certain types of attacks used by the other 2 factions but 10 more patches are available through research in different fields. They give abilities such as stealth detection and resource boosts as well as hitpoint or damage boosts. You can switch out the patches at any time but there will be a delay before you can apply another patch.

Light/Dark Switching

The Masari have the light/dark mode dynamic causing them to act almost as two factions. Light and dark mode affect all units granting them different abilities and changing their dynamics. In light mode sight and weapon range is increased as well as damage. In dark mode all aerial units are grounded and act just like heavy infantry and all units gain dark matter armor that regenerates slowly and protects the units and buildings from damage; in addition sight and weapon range is decreased and damage is also decreased but the fire rate is increased. The mode may be switched at any time but there is a delay before it takes effect then a cooldown afterwards during which you cannot switch again. The different tech trees hinge upon the use of the light and dark mode and the abilities of the Masari heroes and superweapon change based on the mode.