The Founder is one of few original surviving machines from the Hierarchy's main assault that wiped out Novus' creators. Using Novus' first artificial wormhole, the Founder, accompanied by a surveying party, arrived home to find it in ruins, his organic creators wiped out. Organizing the surviving machines and setting his sights on the Hierarchy, the Founder began the rebuilding of his machine race into what would ultimately become Novus, which literally means "those that follow" in their language. The Founder's highest priority is to avenge his creators and the other races the Hierarchy has eliminated, making him one-dimensional in purpose.

The Founder is the Support hero for Novus, unlocked by the Flow Branch. He attacks ground in melee.

Prowess Mode

In this mode, The Founder has greater health and damage than in Performance Mode. His health regenerates in this form (2 + 1% per second). He can use Rebuild. His punches are strong against infantry, vehicles, structures, heroes, and Masari Dark Matter Armor.


Type: Small Hero
Movement: Infantry
Max. Speed: 1.6
Health: 1,100
Armor: Novus Hero
Sight: 235
Crush Defense: 99
Crush Power: 6
Flow-capable: Yes


Type: Prowess Power Fists
Range: 0-20
Damage: 45
Recharge: 1.0 seconds

Performance Mode

In this mode, The Founder sheds health to gain phenomenal speed. Health does not regenerate in this form. He can use Network Tap. His punches are strong against infantry and light vehicles.


Type: Small Hero
Movement: WaterWalker
Max. Speed: 3.0
Health: 650
Armor: Novus Hero
Sight: 180
Crush Defense: 99
Crush Power: 4
Flow-capable: Yes


Type: Performance Power Fists
Range: 0-15
Damage: 30
Recharge: 1.0 seconds


Method: Built by Command Core

Prerequisites: Flow Branch Suite 2

Cost: 1,400

Time: 0:55

Pop: 6

Special Abilities

Network Tap

Effect: Gives The Founder the functionality of a Flow Conduit, but with no need to be powered and an immense connection range

Cooldown: 0:35 (from end of the effect)

Special: The effect ends if The Founder moves or changes to Prowess Mode

Performance Mode/Prowess Mode

Effect: Toggles between modes

Cooldown: 0:10


Effect: Loses 20% health to turn each nearby resource pile into an Ohm Robot
but no matter the amount of resource it always stays as 1 bot

Cooldown: 0:28

Special: Must have at least 1 pop available; this ability will not create units beyond the pop cap


Power Efficiency

Effect: Transmission range increases by 75%

Method: Research Flow Branch Suite 3


-Rebuild is inefficient for creating an army, since most piles are worth more than the 100 cost of an Ohm Robot. It is, however, very efficient for destroying resources on the opponent's side of the map.

Unit Quotes

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Intelligent, but not artificial.
- What is your contingency?
- Contemplating victory.
- Superior creation at your service.
- I am the origin.
- Precision annihilation.
- They are out of their boundary.
- Engaging area.
- They have tread on my domain.
- I will refresh their memory core.
- He has been singled out.
- Termination has been ordered.
- Oblivion will have them.
- I like these odds.
- Compensation for their crimes.
- A better location.
- Investigating.
- Calculating.
- Movement initiated.
- That location is acceptable.
- With haste.
- Altering path.
- With singular focus.
- Directive established.
- Yes.
- The way is open!
- Come to me.
- I will stand in the gap.
- I am here for you.
- Change is inevitable.
- I must become . . . what I became.
- What I have been, I am.<br /
- Reformatting.
- This matter is between you and me.
- I have need of you.
- Take this gift, and be grateful.
- This is the promise of rebirth fulfilled.
- There is no disgrace in recognizing a necessity.
- We will fight again.
- We retreat . . . for now.
- We are leaving this place. Prepare accordingly.
- Requesting transport.
- There is a fault in my logic core.
- I am not operating at peak efficiency.
- Further damage will degrade my lifespan.
- My systems are reaching critical mass . . .
- My program is experiencing a catastrophic failure.
- I fear my own destruction is imminent!

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