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The camera pans over the Earth,the sun is rising.Blaster fire can be heard.Then the camera cut to an Marine fighting with his comrades.The another marine run ahead carring Bazooka,kneel and aim intent to shot something.Then an green light hit him,he died and the camera pans to the invaders:The defilers.The Defiler firing the remains of Marines,many were killed by radiation rays.Many tried to shot them but only the Bazooka can do it,so another marine tried but missed.The died keep rising.The Eiffel tower can be seen in the background,collasped.Some marines take cover over flip cars.but then an enormus foot emerged and crushed the marines take cover there.It's the habitat walker.The remains marines retreat while the invader onslaught them.2 marines is pulling an wounded comrade,but the Habitat walker intent to crush them.Fortunatley,an white lazer light hit the leg of the walker.Caught it attention, the walker pull the leg back and engaging the Novus amplifier.Many of them then arrived with Viktor.He then fly away leaving the Defiler fighting with inexperice Ohm bots but the laser of Ohm bots is too weak so Viktor have to help them destroy them it seconds.The Amplifier keep attack and destroy some part.Viktor then fire missiles to these destroyed part making the waler fall.When land Viktor charge up his gun and fire make the robot exlpode.The Army heading to other direction showing to more habitat walker.

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