I am here to provide as much help as I can for this wiki, trying to add in facts as I can. If I may be of help, leave a message and I will get to work. As an administrator, feel free to leave a message on my talk page if there is something you need.

To Do ListEdit

Anyone with the proper skills, please help yourself to anything from the below.


  • Create a unit info box template.
  • Create a character info box template.
  • Create an image catagory template.
  • Create a sourcing template.
  • Create a template for Hardpoints.
  • Create a template for heros
  • Create unit templates for the Hierarchy, Novus, and Masari.
  • Create a Featured Article template.
  • Create a skin for the wiki (maybe a Novus or Hierarchy theme)


  • Upload a Screenshot of each superweapon in action and their structure.
  • Upload Screenshots of nearly every Novus and Masari units.
  • Get a few cutscene screenshots of key points, such as Orlok's capture of Zessus or Mirabel's introduction to Colonel Moore.


  • Re-write just about all the articles.
  • Create an article covering Global structures.
  • Create military unit articles.
  • Create more mission walkthroughs and tag them (see Hierarchy Campaign: Mission 1 for an example)
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