Vertigo is a cryptography and communications protocol, originally designed as a land-based detection system used to intercept and decrypt enemy communications. As the Hierarchy began to localize and shield their transmissions, Vertigo found it necessary to get as close to the enemy as possible. His consciousness was built into a high-speed aircraft frame, allowing him to carry out his missions and keep the Hierarchy constantly looking over their shoulders. Vertigo's craft, while somewhat fragile, has been outfitted with Novus' most advanced cloaking device, giving him near silent and invisible operation nearly at all times.

Vertigo is the Stealth hero of Novus, unlocked by the Computing Branch. He is an extremely fast aircraft with stealth. His railgun can attack both air and ground. He is strong against aircraft, heroes, and Masari Dark Matter Armour, but weak against infantry, turrets, and Walkers.

Vertigo 1600 1200



Vertigo: "Casualty estimates at 85%"
Mirabel: "They die bravely, don't they?"
Vertigo: "And needlessly."

- Mirabel and Vertigo after a human air assault on the Hierarchy

Vertigo plays a minor role in the campaign, only being mentioned in several missions and being used only to collect the portal peices. Before that mission, he showed that he does seem to have some empathy for humanity's situation, but still proceeds to focus on the Hierarchy. He also rescues Mirabel just before the final assault on the Novus Home Portal, somehow managing to upload the organic Mirabel into his data buffer.

Following the Novus campaign, he is never seen again, though due to his stealth, that may be the point.


Type: Large Piloted Flying Hero
Movement: Flying
Max. Speed: 5.2
Health: 775
Armor: Novus Hero
Sight: 260
Crush Defense: 99
Crush Power: 0
Flow-capable: No



Type: Railgun
Range: 50-250
Damage: 30
Shots per burst: 3
Shot Delay: 0.3 seconds
Recharge: 2.5 seconds
DPS: 26.5


Method: Built by Command Core

Prerequisites: Computing Branch Suite 2

Cost: 1,600

Time: 0:55

Pop: 8

Special AbilitiesEdit


Effect: Transports a single unit; Upload loads the unit, Download unloads the unit to the target area

Cooldown: 0:20 (from Download)

Viral Control

Effect: Mind controls target enemy unit for 30 seconds

Range: 220

Cooldown: 0:35

Special: Can only target units suffering from a virus

Unit QuotesEdit

Some quotes may not be used ingame.
- Power on.
- Frequencies open.
- Vertigo here.
- I can remain unseen.
- You have an order?
- Initiating area target protocol.
- Targets identified.
- New targets received.
- Weapons active.
- Deleting their existence.
- Focusing on that target.
- Objective confirmed.
- Enemy target acknowledged.
- Locked on target.
- Locking on.
- In transit.
- Coordinates received.
- Search commencing.
- Patrolling.
- Entering coordinates.
- Airspeed to maximum.
- Vector locked in.
- Course vector confirmed.
- Trajectory set.
- Flight systems engaged.
- Viral Control activated.
- Uploading confirmed.
- Downloading now.
- Strategic withdrawal: authorized. Exit plan: initiated.
- Beginning tactical withdrawal.
- Calculating exit strategy.
- Requesting troop withdrawal.
- Installing retreat protocols.
- Your odds of failure are 1:1.
- This is too important to allow you to jeopardize it.
- That is something I cannot allow to happen.
- This conflict no longer serves a purpose.
- Is victory an emotion? I may be feeling it.
- Matter is always in motion. Ownership is fleeting.
- You are adrift on the proverbial estuary without locomotion.
- You possess nothing.
- You have an amazing capacity for excluding pain.
- I'm sorry. I can't let you do that.
- I am experiencing increased data loss.
- My circuitry is locking up.
- Total systems failure is imminent.
- My core logic is crashing.


  • A Reaper Drone under Viral Control generates resources for Vertigo's side.
  • Vertigo can use upload to transport a Constructor around the map, allowing for easy,rapid, and low risk base expansions.
  • Vertigo's stealth makes it useful in reconnaissance.
  • Vertigo is useful for hit-and-run tactics, due to his stealth, speed, and decent weapon
  • Vertigo is the second of the two characters to never appear for the rest of the game after his faction's campaign, the first being Sergeant Willard
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